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About Us


We are a team of experienced capital formation professionals that you can depend on. We understand the role of capital in the scale-up process and can help business owners scale-up faster and more cost effectively than doing it themselves.
We are seasoned, disciplined, hard-working professionals who help companies scale up and realize the value of their sustainable technology. 
We think strategically and act sustainably to bring to pass positive results for our clients.


Everything we need for our survival and well-being on Planet Earth depends on our natural and social environments.

Humans and nature can and should exist in productive harmony, which is why businesses and people should do more than just make money and amass wealth: they should act in ways that improve the world while making money. 

20th Century capitalism operated under two flawed assumptions. First, Planet Earth has unlimited resources. Second, individuals can and should amass unlimited wealth for their own benefit. As the world is awakening in the 21st Century, both of these assumptions are proving to be unsustainable.

Finance is a key lever for change and can play a major role in shaping a more sustainable future. Supraxis sees sustainable finance as a powerful tool to address the issues humanity faces in the 21st Century including environmental degradation, natural resource depletion, climate change, and social inequality.

Why Supraxis

The most efficient path to scaling your company

There is a massive amount of capital looking for investment opportunities. The problem is not the supply of capital. 
The problem is that there is so much capital available from so many sources and the capital can be structured in so many different ways that it takes huge amounts of time and resources for a company to identify suitable funding sources, vet each of them carefully, and then structure and secure the right capital to scale up their company. And when a company is ready to scale up, business owners can’t afford to waste time sorting through endless funding sources and structures. 
Connecting with, structuring, and managing the right capital in the right way at the right time that meets the needs of each of our clients and doing so in a sustainable, strategic , programmatic way. That is the problem we solve. That is why sustainable technology companies choose Supraxis.

What we are not

We’re not a fund. We work with funds but our goal is to maximize returns for our clients, not the fund ‘s LPs. When appropriate we match our clients with the right fund in the right way to obtain sustainable financing solutions.

We’re not a bank. We’re not a bank and we don’t lend money. However, we have developed relationships with many different banks and lenders. When it’s best for our clients to obtain debt financing, we help them obtain the best financing from the banks and lenders we know and trust.

We’re not a broker. We tend to work with clients over a long time frame and we invest our own capital in helping our clients build their sustainable businesses.